Mil-Interconnect the company

Mil-Interconnect is a high-precision manufacturer of electrical connector contacts whose core business centers around the thermocouple industry. Using state of the art CNC and Cam machines we produce thermocouple, coaxial, power/signal and specialty contacts. In addition to the M39029 series of military contacts, we provide contacts for a wide variety of popular connector’s series made by various manufacturers. All of our contacts are manufactured with the same stringent requirements as the M39029: using exacting manufacturing methods to assure physical, electrical, and functional interchangeability with their connector manufacturers’ counterparts.

Mil-Interconnect is one of the only manufactures that produces all of their contacts in-house. We machine all of our contacts — including the thermocouple — all the way from blank to finished product. Our vast knowledge and extensive experience in the “Electrical Contact” manufacturing industry gives us the means to provide competitive pricing while maintaining an extremely high standard of quality at all times. Whether your demands are large or small, we can produce whatever quantity meets your specific requirements.

Efficiency Through Automation

At Mil-Interconnect we’re dedicated to providing our customers with innovative, high quality, cost-effective electronic interconnection products. By combining the latest computerized automation with precision manufacturing techniques, we’re able to manufacture contacts more efficiently, more precisely, less expensively and with more uniformity and reliability than ever before. This has resulted not only in superior quality products, but also in a sharp reduction in manufacturing costs, due to a reduction of direct labor. This combination of quality and economy was instrumental in establishing us as the industry leader.

We’re Fully Up To Spec

Mil-Interconnect is fully compliant with the stringent requirements of AS39029, the specification for the standardization of contacts. We currently are in qualification for EN3155-082-2011 in accordance with the Aerospace and Defense industries Association of Europe-Standardization (ASD-STAN). We offer a comprehensive engineering and design team dedicated to servicing our customers’ requirements. We design to our customer’s specs, whether it be for large quantities for a major production or small runs for R&D. Standard materials or exotic metals.

An Integrated Approach

To better serve our customers and meet increased product delivery commitments, we are establishing U.S. and regional foreign offices, as well as a network of sales representatives and stocking distributors.

If In Doubt . . . Ask

Should you be unable to locate the specific item you are seeking, please contact our Customer Service Department at 702-726-8780 or E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mil-Interconnect can also supply:

    Contacts with Special Materials. (BuCu., leaded, nickel, Copper, stainless steel, and others)
    Connectors such as RF or micro miniature.
    Cable assemblies. Designed, build and certify.